Barrister Bilal Ramzan 

Head of Legal/ Due Diligence

Barrister Bilal Ramzan, our independent Head of Legal and Due Diligence, brings over a decade of experience and a strong background in law, development, and real estate to our team. Admitted to the Bar of England and Wales in 2016, he has served as a Legal Consultant with the Punjab Revenue Authority and holds a senior partner position at Nexus Law Chambers. Barrister Ramzan’s academic qualifications include dual Master of Laws (LLM) degrees: one in Criminology from the University of London and another in Legal Practice from Nottingham Trent University. Additionally, he holds postgraduate diplomas, including one in Intellectual Property Rights from George Mason University, USA.

Barrister Bilal Ramzan navigates complex legal landscapes with precision and efficacy, specializing in drafting, opinion writing, dispute resolution, arbitration, real estate laws, regulatory compliance, revenue matters, tax laws, and IT laws. Beyond his professional duties, Barrister Ramzan is a respected faculty member at the Institute of Business and Information Technology, University of Punjab, where he shares his expertise with the next generation of legal professionals. With his multifaceted expertise, Barrister Ramzan is dedicated to providing exceptional legal counsel and guidance in real estate development.

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