Lahore is the city of entertainment. If you have just shifted here, you are probably unfamiliar with the common places. Overall, the city is famous for its historical value as well as food and top-notch entertainment centers. So, if you are planning on shifting to Lahore or buying properties out there or just visiting, you must know about the places to visit there, especially its stunning malls. They are family-friendly places to shop, eat, roam around, hang out with your loved ones, and enjoy some outdoor fun.

What is it to be in Lahore?

If you are trying to know the lifestyle of Lahore, let me tell you one thing that these people are fond of food. You can say that they are obsessed with food. You can witness it through the food streets, stalls and almost every corner will have a food corner if nothing else. So, yes, if you are also a lover of food and looking forward to embracing the lifestyle of Lahoris, you can start by visiting their Malls.

They are telling a lot about Lahore.

Emporium Mall by Nishat Group

The emporium mall is located in Johar Town. A place holds many events on various occasions. Cool and nice food courts help you fulfill your appetite after you are tired of shopping. The shops around the mall are about everything you need. A Hyperstar adds into it for the monthly grocery shopping at your ease. Life in Emporium mall is about the families visiting with their kids and playing around, eating, and shopping at the same time.

Fortress Square Mall

It is the older one, day by day, increasing in popularity. It has around 100 international brands. Moreover, there is always some activity going on around. The bookstalls, other stalls at times. People book for their stall out there and try to sell their items on different occasions. Additionally, the place has an amazing rooftop area to enjoy your meals. This is the hot favorite place for people to sit and enjoy.

Packages Mall

This mall was built a few years ago, but the popularity seems as if it was there for many years. However, the mall is famous for its largest parking area. It can accommodate a huge number of vehicles. Moreover, the place is enjoyable for both adults and kids. Often, they also have some family events and festivals that provide entertainment to the people of Lahore according to their wishes.

Gulberg Galleria

This place is known for coffee shops. Love spending time with your friends while sipping the coffee? Well, this is the one to try. Further, you can have an exhilarating shopping experience at the mall. The parking area is also offering ease of parking. Other than that, this place also has shops to fascinate yourself with shopping from the top international brands.

Times Square Mall & Residencia

This mall is yet to open. It is a project of the Sheranwala group. The mall is going to the one offering a luxurious lifestyle. Payment plans for the shops at the mall are already out, and you can check them if you are interested in investing in properties in Lahore. This mall is big enough to accommodate apartments, offices, shops, and of course the food courts. So, you can even start looking for apartments in Lahore in Times Square Mall. This mall is predicted to be one of the top malls of Lahore because it has all the amenities like gym, indoor games, luxurious reception and many more.

Bottom Line

So, if you are visiting Lahore or looking for any investment plans, you know the places to go to. If you are here on a visit, these are the malls you can hang around and enjoy the ambiance or food or shopping as you prefer because malls do have a fabulous food court where you can find the outlets of your favorite local and international food chains. You may tell us about your favorite mall and share your experience!