The chaos of COVID-19 being around has forced many people to make hard decisions. Similarly, while it is spreading and the government recommends you to stay safe, you will think about your kids before anything. It is natural as the expected reaction by the parents. However, there is a simple way to express your love for the kids, and it is to follow the proper SOPs. Our children may be careless about their health concerns, but together we can implement all the precautions to keep them safe from COVID-19.

How can you play your role in keeping safety measures?

Yes, the adults can help themselves to read the following precautions carefully and implement them and make sure everyone is doing the same.

  • Phase up the reopening of the schools as per the age group to maintain and prevent children from any kind of large crowds and gatherings.
  • Minimize the interaction by stopping taking classes of 4-hour shifts twice in a day. It would be best if you cover students through the shifts than gathering them all in the same class.
  • Assign the same teacher for a fixed group of children to avoid the mixing of different age groups.
  • Make your school or university buildings less crowded. Keep the class density of students as low as possible.
  • Install a proper screening process in the school or university to check the temperature of all the kids or children entering the premises. It is a basic measurement to just avoid any kind of unfortunate situation regarding COVID-19 in the future.
  • Broadcast regular notices and announcements for spreading awareness about the Coronavirus. You can post signs, announce, or set up a message on email to let children know and understand the level of risks.
  • Maintain regular cleaning and disinfection protocols daily. Clean the surfaces by disinfecting them using all the right equipment and techniques.
  • Also, make your ventilation system work perfectly. Even if there are any damages, you must not compromise on it now. Get it fixed as soon as possible.
  • Install physical barriers wherever needed. These are usually to keep people 6 feet from each other, for example, at reception or helpdesk.
  • Offer health compensation for the highly sick staff and limit their presence on the premises of a school or any educational institute.
  • You can offer healthy options for the students, too, especially to the ones going through any type of illness or sickness.
  • Cultivate the culture of virtual events and conferences, etc.
  • There should be a focal person as a medical expert in an educational institute or associated with them, so parents can know who to contact if they have questions or concerns.
  • Notify staff and students on every level of any new or old restrictions regarding COVID-19.
  • Use better and improved hygienic processes to keep the cycle of cleanliness going on by the students and staff.
  • Install sanitizer and disinfectant spray at the entrance of the gate. This one is especially for the hostels.

Moreover, you must behave as a responsible citizen. Small children are innocent and often unaware of the huge risks. However, you are an adult, and you must follow all the SOPs to ensure that you are playing your part in safety precautions for Coronavirus.

Bottom Line

Life never comes with standard procedures. The standards are produced as a society to achieve some common goals. Similarly, now we need these SOPs for ourselves and our children to be safe and fight the battle with a brave heart. So, you play your role and let the others play theirs to accept the new normal until things are settled.