Building success takes years of smart decisions, both professionally and financially. Mending habits can change one’s life completely and here are nine habits which can help you set up yourself for success

  1. Get Up Early

Getting up a few hours early before your workday kicks off will provide you with free time to exercise and time to tackle personal projects and enough time to plan for the day.

  • Read A Lot

Devote at least 30 minutes or more each day to educate yourself. Do not read just for the sake of entertainment; prefer biographies, history, law and/or the self-help books. Help yourself to good novels as reading for pleasure also boost your career.

  • Focused Thinking

Take the liberty to spare some 15-20 minutes to make time to process everything which is going on in your life. Reflect on your actions and in-actions, analyze your thoughts. Having quiet time has also been proven to have helped reduce stress levels.

  • Exercise

To clear your head, work out on daily basis. It will not only keep you healthy but also motivated to achieve your goals. Billionaire Richard Branson says that his morning routine of waking up early to play tennis has doubled his productivity.

  • Spend Quality Time with Positive People

Walk away from the negative people and establish associations with the positive minded people. As it is said that you are only as successful as those you frequently associate with. Be very choosy about who you spend your time with.

  • Plan, Struggle and Achieve

Plan how you want to spend your life. Learn from the past use this learning and shape your future. Set long term and short-term goals and work hard to achieve these goals. Avoid putting your ladder on someone else’s wall. Find your own dreams and pursue them.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Rest well. Human bodies perform well when they get proper rest. At least get 6-8 hours sleep before starting your day. Sleep shortages tend to have effects on memory and creative thinking.

  • Channelize Your Income

Develop multiple streams of income and do not rely on a single source of income. Develop side business like real estate. Investments e.g., in real estate through proper investment firms i.e., sheranwala can help you diversify your sources of income and help you to weather the economic turns that inevitably occurs.

  • Avoid Time Wasters

Time is crucial and you need to understand it as soon as soon it is possible. When you invest time in anything else other than yourself its lost forever. Be choosy about the people you spend your time.

 So be choosy about your habits as it your life and its only you who should really be in charge of it.