The year 2020 has been a great loss for many people. But if you see a problem as an opportunity, you can completely turn around your balance sheet of gain and loss. One might see this year without parties, ambitions, gatherings, and traveling. On the contrary, the year brought many people to live with a different perspective. If you think that COVID-19 has ruined the year for you, let’s see how this particular issue has benefited humanity in many different ways.

·         Nature is Thriving

Since humans are spending more time indoors, nature is less spoiled by them, and nature thrives. It has got the chance to enhance beauty, which is why we are hopeful for the tourism industry in Pakistan.

·         Technology is Blooming

People are now more focused on technology-driven solutions for most problems. It has brought ease and convenience to our lives. Overall, life has become easier than ever.

·         Digitization

Digitization is the new normal for us. People in business or even full-time job workers are now looking for digitization. Every industry is making changes and moving towards digital transformation. From Australia to Pakistan, industries learn new methods to reach their market and provide better solutions to people through digital solutions.

·         Improved Methods for Education

COVID-19 caused some trouble, and we had to close the educational institutes. Yes, there were challenges for the tribal areas and the unprivileged areas, but we are now finding solutions to facilitate students through online portals. It might take more time to educate the people, but progressing to the future is a great lesson for us.

·         New Ways to Help Unprivileged Members of Society

Giving away money to people with fewer facilities and opportunities is an old tradition in our society. This year, we have found new ways to help people. We know that not everyone is just striving to fight the financial situation, but some need solutions for educations, starting a business, and a lot more. So, you can find your audience, teach them, guide them, and help them in many different ways.

·         Focusing on Important Things – Setting out the Right Priorities

The pandemic has made us realize the importance of setting up the right priorities. We are no longer running in a race of fools. We are looking for better ideas that are family or friends centric—no more wasting time on vague goals and having no meaningful outcome.

·         Sense of Gratitude

With the ongoing crisis, we are grateful if we are surviving. We have developed a sense of gratitude by being grateful for the food on the table, shelter on the head, and people to love and appreciate.

·         More People Learning to Start a Business

This year has opened doors for the ones looking for opportunities to solve a common problem if any, society. So, many of us have learned to start a business, fail, survive, and gain something out of ideas.

·         Realizing the Value of Improved Health Care Centers

The quick time response is everything in times of emergency. If you are capable of responding to the illness on time, you can save lives. Since we have performed quite better in it in Pakistan, it is a positive sign about healthcare centers around the country.

·         We are more Connected to Relatives and Friends

The value of your family and friends has risen to the sky. You now understand that how those little gatherings, laughter, and shoulders to cry on are valuable for each of us.

·         Women are Excelling more in Different Fields

Muslim women, or sometimes women in general, have faced many challenges to fulfill their dreams to be self-sufficient and financially independent. We are stepping into a new age where women are empowered and educated to take on themselves without depending on others efficiently.

·         Value of Intimacy

The intimacy is something that we have been taking for granted until we were forbidden even to shake hands. Now, we value the simple handshake, hand-holding, and a hug more. We know they can offer comfort to the ones we love more than anything in this world.

If we have too many positive aspects of 2020, then what have we lost this year? Well, a few things are leaving us with saddening emotions too.

What have we Lost in 2020?

Yes, you might see the internet and social media talking a lot about the things we have lost in 2020. There is a long list if you start counting, but most of them are lessons in disguise. So, we will only talk about the ones that are just losses, and we may never get them back.

·         Loss of Lives

We have lost loved ones to the pandemic or other illnesses. Some people have lost their parents; others grieve their children and want to hug their beloved friend one last time. Yes, this is the loss we might never recover, but we can always learn to move on.

·         Loss of Businesses

The pandemic’s bad news has broken some people as their businesses couldn’t survive the sudden shift of market trends and demands.

·         People suffering from Mental Health Issues

Many people were happy working from home, staying inside, but some people had to face loneliness due to lockdown. Therefore, they had to suffer various mental health issues. We have lost the warmth and passivity in many loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the year for Pakistan was not so bad. Yes, we had to face the challenges, but we also had many opportunities to grow and make things better. One of the best examples was the successful event of PSL despite the COVID-19. Secondly, Pakistan’s real estate has taken more steps to grow and build modern communities for future generations. There are many projects in progress under the Sheranwala and they are doing their best to bring hope and development to Pakistan. Projects like Times Square mall and Residencia project are specially designed to secure a sustainable future for the generations in Pakistan.

If you are reading it right now, take some time to be grateful for the blessings and let go of the pain. Celebrate life as you are still there, surviving through every minute.