If you are looking for life’s ideals, especially politics, there is none better than the Quaid-e-Azam. He was one of the leaders admired by the whole world. Pakistan is blessed to have such a leader to learn from his life. We have celebrated Quaid’s day this month, but do we know our leader? I think we do have a profound level of knowledge in our textbooks. However, we never apply those lessons in real life. So, here are the few lessons we will take away as reminders to celebrate this day with the promise to be a better nation next year and prosper with wisdom and intelligence.

  • He’s been a very fair man. He was the finest example of intelligence, intellect, and wisdom to be followed.
  • He could not be fooled, bullied, or bribed.
  • He was honest and committed to Pakistan and his cause and did all he could to win.
  • He had great confidence in a democratic political war of constitutionality, law, and stability. He trusted in democracy, equality, respect for others’ rights, and the rule of law. He has always complied with and never broken the rules.
  • He did not believe in militancy, underground warfare, and extremism or ever resorted to them.
  • He was above narrow sectarian religious, regional, or linguistic patterns. So, he always thought beyond the boundaries.
  • He never committed wrongdoing to himself. Rather, all his money was devoted to schools and universities.
  • He was enthusiastic but careful. His political rivals were never violated. He was solid, firm yet highly courteous and respectful.
  • He had faith in hard work. Before he spoke and made a decision, he would think and ponder. When he decided, none and nothing would be able to move him out of his chosen way after thorough deliberation.
  • In light of the land’s reality, he still decided on the nation’s best possible path. Emotionalism and populism have never been the alternative.
  • Therefore, our citizens and leaders must learn the values of democracy, dignity, fairness, constitutional and pacific democratic struggle, respect for the rule of law, zeal and persistence, hard work, sincerity, and respect for others.

Quaid e Azam – the man who never had rest

He was so busy shaping Pakistan that despite his illness, he couldn’t rest.

Jinnah had been declared ‘unwell’ as early as 1941. But it wasn’t restful, and he persisted. He once said that “my profession is such that it never allows time to recreate,” when asked what Jinnah was the key recreations. Contrast this with our leaders who seem to be in constant holiday and leisure.

Right to its end, Jinnah’s command and control did not lessen. A few minutes before his death, his physician, Col Dr. Ilahi Bakhsh, leaned and whispered: ‘Sir, to strengthen you, we have provided an injection which will soon work. You will live, God willing.” Jinnah shifted and said, “No. I am not.” Jinnah talked for the last time.

If we give it a closer look and an in-depth study, the man had sacrificed his life for Pakistanis. If we talk about influencers today, you can take time to think that he was the man who influenced leaders worldwide. The name that is still alive and is considered the best leaders from the past and subcontinent.

If you are trying to become a responsible citizen, you can start it from now. It’s never too late to be a little more responsible about your doings. Start becoming an active member of the current politics and taking it as a chance to improve every day.

Final Thoughts

Let’s make Jinnah and Pakistan proud of what Jinnah said and of it. Let us first remove the veil covering our eyes and begin to take seriously all our problems, motivated by pure love for Pakistan. Do not kill the legacy of Jinnah. To make it happen and move in the right direction, Sheranwala is doing its best to build a better Pakistan community. We aim to improve Pakistanis’ residency facilities and build modern infrastructure according to the latest world dynamics.

We will end the article with the vision of Jinnah. The dream he had for Pakistan, let’s comply with his kind of hope and courage.

“My message to you all is of hope, courage, and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with the grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.”

― Muhammad Ali Jinnah


Let’s work together, build stronger, and stand firm at the front.