Buying and selling properties in Pakistan and especially investing in Pakistan’s Real Estate sector has always been difficult. People usually avoid dealing with these matters by themselves as there are many threats of fraud, scams and manipulation. So, when you are looking to invest in Lahore, you must know the real value of the property.
These scams are the reasons that people prefer to hire real estate agents to do the job. Here comes another step, and it is to be informed and be aware of the value, so you know that you are not being scammed.

Four Common Factors Shaping the Property Market


It is about the properties, the price, and the time. If anyone is interested in buying a home at a specific price and at the same time, anyone else is looking for it at a better price. Well, this can change everything. So, the ability of the client for purchasing a specific property can be the main factor for determining the value of a property – of course, after considering other factors too.


The location matters a lot. If you are a seller, you must know about the value of similar properties around. But if you are a buyer, the same goes for you, but the availability of the property can be a hurdle for a deal.


While you are out there looking for a pleasant accommodation for a family, you need to take care of other things too. You are completely capable of paying as demand, the property is available, but the place is wrecked, or the area around is not suitable for your living. So, watch out for it too.


The deed can become a problem too. There are various conditions, and they can make the transferability process suspicious or either illegal. Therefore, this can be another factor to consider before purchasing any property.
Now, to calculate the precise value of any property in your local area has many ways, let us help you walk through some of the tips to stay upfront with all your deals.

Top Real Estate Tips to Follow before Purchasing a Property

Look at Similar Properties

Look around the similar properties, and they can tell you a lot about the value of a property in a local area.

Make Comparisons among the Properties

Ask around people, specifically real estate agents.

Check the Sale Prices from the Last Few Months

Never rely on the current prices, check the previous track of the market. Any recent sales, in particular, can help you with guessing the market value of a certain property.

Dig Deeper into the Market Conditions

Local amenities, surroundings, and a lot more can define the condition of a market value of a property. So, list down all of it, including any recent improvements, prices, compare them to other similar properties, and you may find out your answer right there.


The population of the area is another concern. Yes, in Lahore we have many areas crowded, and people are now moving to societies or better places for that matter. You may want to start with some location that is still to be filled. Still, you will require a lot more information about the people living out there. Check your suitability and if you are looking for commercial property, then watch out for your business value there.

So, what are the best options for buying a property in Lahore?

If you are asking for the expert’s advice, the Bahria Town and Bahria Orchards Lahore is booming right now. It is in demand because of the stability in prices as they are not fluctuating so often, and these towns are offering more facilities than any other societies in making.
They have parks, nearby markets, banks, plazas, care facility centers, hospitals and various entertainment centers too. You have various commercial opportunities in terms of both lifestyle and investment. So, if you purchase property in Bahria town or Bahria Orchards, the risks are minimum and benefits are countless.


Eventually, there are many ways to determine the right value of the property. Mainly, you have to be concerned about the sales data from the past few months, competitors and demand for the property in the area. Then, there come the amenities available in the surroundings. So, if you are looking for a safe investment or property in Lahore for house or shop purchasing, Sheranwala has got some amazing real estate agents to help you through the process. You can learn more about here or call our customer care representative at 03-111-228-228.