PSL has always been an exciting event for Pakistan. Either it’s a hard phase of fighting terrorism of Coronavirus, in both times; it has proven to be the reason for cheering people. Pakistanis may tease each other by supporting their cities. However, if a PSL match is on television, the whole nation gathers together to watch the amazing series of cricket. It is a series of celebrations, or you can say a reason for bringing people together and building a strong image of our country worldwide.

So, the fever of PSL continues this year too with a bang. Yes, COVID did happen, and maybe it has snatched a little attention, but this is proud Pakistan, and they never fail to amaze others by showing tremendous spirits.

Now, if you will check your social media, you will see many memes revolving around as people are celebrating the PSL V final match. It shows all the excitement of the people regarding the final between Lahore and Karachi.

Well, congratulations to the Karachi Kings for winning the finals and for Lahore Qalandars, maybe next time as we all know that Lahoris never lose hope. However, the event has become the most popular event in Pakistan. People have so much love for this sport and event that even COVID-19 couldn’t stop it.

Highlights of the PSL V Tournament in Playoffs:

  • In the first playoff, Karachi has beaten Multan and went straight to the finals.
  • Then, there was the First eliminator after Lahore beat Peshawar.
  • For the second time, Lahore beat Multan and went to the finals.
  • And, the exciting final between Lahore and Karachi happened on 18th November 2020.

What Makes the PSL 5 More Special than Others?

Well, PSL 5 is special in various ways as Babar Azam is now a star, Dean Jones is being cheered for his amazing performance and how can we forget that this is the tournament that took 7 months to complete. Yes, COVID-19 is the main culprit for it. But this is a natural occurrence, and of course, we had a setback after many foreign cricketers such as Alex Hales, and some others had the symptoms of Coronavirus. Therefore, authorities had to postpone the Playoffs.

A lot of things happened between this postpone period, but one thing that was constantly a part of PSL was the excitement of people. Here are some of the specialties of this PSL series

  • This is the first time that all matches of PSL are played in Pakistan, providing a great image of security around the globe. It is also a special thing as Cricket came back home during the COVID-19.
  • Then, we had our best bowler Shaheen Shinwari from Lahore Qalandars, who got the title of the best bowler of the tournament. Fakhar Zaman proved himself to be the best fielder and received the title of the best fielder. What makes it more exciting is that both players are representing Lahore Qalanders.
  • Another exciting and joyful moment for cricket lovers was when Ben Dunk from Lahore Qalandars made 93 on 43 balls against Quetta Gladiators in match 16th. He hit 10 sixes and 3 fours in that memorable inning.

What is the Main Highlight of the Playoffs or as We Say Who is the One?

Well, before knowing about the ONE. Let’s help you walk through the playoffs.

  • The first playoff was between Karachi Kings and Multan Sultan, It ended up a draw and went to Super Over. This was the moment when both the teams had to fight for the final, and Muhammad Amir did it for the team with his amazing bowling.
  • Then, the 2nd Eliminator was about David Weise as he made 48 runs on 21 balls at the end of the inning. It is the best inning of PSL so far. If we say that Lahore Qalandars fought a fair fight, it wouldn’t be wrong. The same match showed us the way Haris Rauf bowled out Shahid Afridi on the first ball, and the gesture of Apology highlighted the specialty of PSL once again.
  • Now, the one who won the title for Karachi Kings. Yes, Babar Azam, he scored an unbeatable knock of 63 runs. He remained the charm of the series as the matches continued. We can see that his heroism has paid him back as a result of Win. You can check out the dramatic super overplayed by Babar and his team. This was the time when cricket and PSL lovers from all over the world were watching loosely. Nobody wanted to miss a second of the final.

Bottom Line

Concluding the PSL 5: it has been a roller coaster ride because of many reasons. With every match, the excitement kept increasing. It may have taken longer than any tournament, but it has given us the reason to smile and be strong even in the times of COVID-19. We hope that people stay firm and take good care of their health during a tough time as we are on the verge of the second wave of this deadly virus. Yet, our hopes are high, and we have witnessed them during the PSL 5.

Buckle up for the next season with much more bang!!