Women are known as the most dignified member of society. When talking about respect, it is recommended in almost all sects, religions, or community standards to respect women and children. They are considered delicate members of the human race. However, with all the respect and care that get, the same ladies are facing many issues while trying to become a civilized part of society.

We have often heard about rape cases, domestic violence, and sexual abuse, etc. If you start digging into the news, you will find many reports and cases against the women and their dignity.

Can we do anything to reduce gender-based violence?

Since we are going to celebrate the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, we must know that the day is meant to address the issues or problems that women face across the world.

Right now, we need to talk about the steps we can take to fight against violence and participate in the movement actively.

·         Address the issues

Whenever we talk about the problems, there is one thing that we need to understand, and it is to ensure we address the problem. Yes, this is the universal rule, but when it comes to the violence against women, we see men on the discussion panels and addressing the problem. Therefore, if we want to end the violence against women, we need more women to talk about it through valuable and recognized problems.

·         Use social media platforms for awareness

We can use social media to make some noise. This can be turned into a powerful tool to spread the word. We can ask women to gather around and share their problems, discuss them in a civilized way to find out further solutions.

·         Educate people and women about their rights

The major and root cause of all the violence against women is the lack of knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are practicing religion or not; you must know about the basic rights you have. As a practicing Muslim, you can refer to your books, and if not, you must know about the laws that are for your protection. Use different mediums to let others know about it too.

·         Introduce laws for their protection

Including women as important members of society, we will need to address the violence issues against them through proper channels. Once you have conveyed the message, you need to build the laws too. Only talking and not presenting any solutions will not work for you.

·         Encourage discussions with solutions across the world

We need to encourage discussions and movements like the Women’s march and international day against the violence. Usually, these movements get all the hatred, and the real purpose stays with the same problems. We need to encourage the discussion because the first step of eliminating the violence is to make women talk about it and share their experiences in a safe environment.

·         Redefine our moral and ethical responsibility towards women

Ask difficult questions such as: are we qualified as morality correct or just politically correct?

We may be only busy in gaining fame on the ruins of someone’s sentiments or personal values. We have no concerns to solve the problems. So, maybe we need to define

·         Cultivate the culture of settling arguments with words

We also need to focus on arguments with reasoning, evidence, and logic. We cannot just fight with weapons and settle the problems. It is a modern world, and it requires solutions according to its need and demand. We don’t need more wars or violence as they only go against the women.

·         Start teaching men and women to be supportive

Let’s introduce the world and our educational institutes to be more supportive of each other than fighting over petty issues. Before the violence turns into more violence, we must start educating our children to build a better future for them.

Can we address the women-relevant issues in Pakistan?

Enough about the violence around the world and possible solutions for it. We are in Pakistan, and can you say it safely that you can discuss violence against women with confidence? No, before it goes to the high courts or on the discussion platforms, a woman will face shame, discouraging comments, and if this is not enough to stop her, she will be facing death. So, we are not even close to solving the problems. We have a long way ahead of us.

In Pakistan, we still need safe platforms to talk about it without facing any shame, etc.

Bottom Line

Today is the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, so let’s come together and celebrate our gender. The world may take more time to recognize the issues. But we together as women can empower each other by supporting and celebrating our achievements.

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