Feminism, women empowerment, violence, abuse, and a lot more are the most frequent words we hear these days. Modernization is taking place, and things are shifting as urbanization on the road of development too. There is too much about freedom, and women are more empowered than ever.

If you are not on the offensive side, you will probably agree with the problems women are trying to address. Yes, being an ally and especially when you are a man from a conservative society is a harder fight. But choosing to be an open-minded person and considering the right of women as human beings can help them to become a part of the community in a better way.

Why women’s empowerment is still a battle in Muslim countries?

We all got talking about Islam giving all the deserving rights to women, and there is no doubt about it too. So, the question is: where is the problem?

The problem is not about the religious, moral or modernization. The issue is with the lack of knowledge. Women are unaware of their rights and hence suffering from violence and abuse without reason.

The topic requires a long debate, but we can play a little role by highlighting some key points about women’s rights in Islam and how they are not implemented?

Legacy of Prophet Mohammed:

If you are from a Muslim background, you must know that back in time. Arabs were burying girls alive right after their birth. It was the times of cruelness, and Muhammad (PBUH) came as savior of women. He was the one to guide the people through the right path and ensure that they are served with dignity.

An example of Hazrat Khadija (R.A) is not hidden from anyone. She was a well-off woman in Arab when she married Muhammad (PBUH). She was no less than an example for the ladies of the modern era. She single-handedly manages the business and personal life after marrying to Prophet.

So, how are we still debating over women’s rights in Islam?

Some of the highlights of Islamic teaching about women rights on the matters are as follows:

  • Equal Right for Education

We still see many girls working as laborers or serving families at the house. Their right to education is not fully given to them. Instead of sending them to the schools, parents are only worried about their marriage. Yes, it might have its importance, but the educational right is given by religion.

It is not even about women; it is more about playing a vital role in a social system as a normal human being. The same educated women can be a part of the constitution, doctors, teachers and a lot more. They can even discuss women’s rights, modern problems with more boldness and confidence.

Islam is open about it, and we know this as the beloved daughter of Prophet (PBUH), wife Ayesha (R.A), and others used to address the women. Yes, there are certain boundaries, but nothing is there to stop girls from completing their education as they please.

  • The right to be treated with dignity

The dignity of a woman is pretty clear in the Quran. There are several verses addressing women on the high rank and providing them with all kinds of protection. When we talk about the veil, it is an obligated duty for any women to be modest and respectful. This is the beginning of women celebrating them as a dignified member of society.

Yes, the Quran doesn’t force to cover, but you will find the benefits and other references explain the importance of modestly dressed women in Islam.

  • Freedom to choose her husband

It is not a new topic; many women had been denied the right to choose their spouse. The whole family, including uncles, aunts, and other people decide on their behalf. However, Islam forbids such practices and endorses the consent of a girl.

Again, we have an amazing example of Hazrat Khadija (R.A) sending the marriage proposal by herself to the Prophet (PBUH).

Then, we also have the right to divorce, inheritance, and punishments for any other human being for demeaning the women by any means.

Bottom Line

While we are celebrating International Women’s day against violence, we need to understand that it is not about the rights given. It is more about the right exploited and denied. Women need to educate themselves and know their rights as active members of society.

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