Wedding season is around the corner and assuming that some of you might be lucky this year to start a life. Talking about weddings, the planning and going into a new relationship has its highs and lows. You cannot just jump into a new phase of life without any solid plan of providing a better living to your partner. Mainly, we think about wedding plans, and it’s somehow considered enough. But if you think yourself a wise man, you will know that at some point you will need a house or an apartment.

Now, talking about living in a happy and fully established place with amenities crosses your mind. The question is; how can you determine the best location to start a new life?

It is a tough question as other than consulting your wife, and you need to look up to many other factors too. Let us help you with the common factors, so if you are about to get married, you may have better choices for your dream home in Lahore.

Employment Opportunities

If I work somewhere near Model Town, Lahore and I am choosing my hometown in Bahria Town, this might be a huge problem in terms of transportation and other daily expenses. No one wants to watch all of their salaries go down to the costs of transportation. So, when you look for a new home, you need to look for nearby employment opportunities. Towns like Bahria Orchards and projects like Times Square Mall and Residencia are taking care of it equally by commercializing spaces for the offices.

Crime Rate

The crime rate is one of the essential factors for selecting a location for living. You want a peaceful life with your partner or kids. So, having a high crime rate in any town is a major drawback. Therefore, choose the place that guarantees your safety while roaming around or just visiting parks with your kids. You shouldn’t be worried about it.

School and Education

Home is not something to be bought just for a short time. It is a long term plan. Right now, you are just getting married and probably looking for apartments in Lahore. Later, you will need nearby schools with easy pick-up and drop-off solutions for your children. So, keep it in your mind.

Cost of living

The cost of living varies around the country. It will include gas, electricity utilities, groceries and taxes, etc. The income you are earning right now needs to spend in the right place. So, you have to figure all of these things out. For example, settling around Punjab, Pakistan – you have pretty good options like Bahria Orchard. Now, why would you be choosing apartments? Of course, if you are planning a happy and amazing future and want to live a low-key happy life, apartments come as a handy choice for small families.

So, while you are calculating the cost of living, keep these options in mind along with the choices of location

Bottom Line

You might be thinking about a luxury lifestyle in Lahore. Well, it is possible if you can invest in places like Times Square. They are offering some of the amazing amenities around including the plazas, parks, markets, schools. But it has to be a mutual choice of both partners. In the end, it is you two to be living together and maintain a classy lifestyle. Still, if you need some expert insights – Sheranwala is a well renowned and top real estate agency in Lahore. You can reach us at