Winters are here, and people are finding cozy food corners and dishes to keep them warm. Winters in Punjab or as you can say in Pakistan are a chilling experience for people, and if you are from Lahore, you are probably waiting for the dishes more than the winters.  Soup, fish, and a lot more make this season warm and cozy.

Now, we are going to remind you about all the dishes or food you can enjoy with your families, loved ones and friends this winter.  

Ready to take some desi dose of food?

Let’s refresh your last winter memories with the following food items.  

·         Fried Fish

Fish is the most popular dish in winters. You will see some of the famous stalls competing together and claiming their masala and fried fish to be the best. Desis like to eat it at the stalls, in restaurants and we can never forget the taste of the Fish that mom makes. Assuming, she is going to make it this year too. So, keep it on your list and do not forget to invite your favorite people to join you.

·         Soup

Soup is not our traditional dish, but we are always good at making international dishes with the touch of our desi taste. So, vegetable soup, corn soup, hot & sure soup and a lot more are going to be part of the meal in the winters. You may also find these at weddings. Are you invited to one? If yes, then don’t miss your chance for a tasty soup, because we love wedding food too.

·         Dry Fruits

Don’t want to feel sick or a constant cold? Then, keep the pack of dry fruits along. Yes, they might not be accessible to everyone. You can still try to buy the ones with a reasonable price like peanuts and keep them in your sweater pockets. Eat them while traveling, enjoy them as a snack party at home or when you are nonstop watching your favorite series on the weekend.

·         Halwa Puri

Punjabis are passionate about Halwa puri. It’s like this one dish completes their appetite, and then you cannot compare it with any other food in the world. So, this is a must winter food, especially if you are fond of morning breakfasts with family and friends. Nothing brings a family and cousins together on a table than a dish like Halwa puri. So, mark it and add it up to your list.

·         Sarson ka Saag & Makai ki Roti

If you have to name anyone’s mouth-watering dish, you will probably go for Saag and Makai ki roti. Well, yes, it is a little hard to decide. Still, it is one of the dishes with a 5-star rating by very pure desi or Punjabi. You don’t want to leave your taste buds hanging there waiting for the pleasure of the saag and makai ki roti. So, please keep it on your list of winter food too. This one is a must.

·         Paye & Nihari

This is for the breakfast squad. People who want to eat a lot right after they wake up. Yes, this is not surprising. People in Punjab wake up late, and since it’s winter season, they are probably going to wake up late on the weekends and then enjoy the breakfast treats. Assuming you are one of them too. So, you will love Paye and nihari for your next breakfast adventure with your loved ones.

·         Gajar ka Halwa

It is not just a wedding dessert. It is part of most events in the winter season. They are time-taking when it comes to cooking, but the taste will make you cherish each second you spent in the kitchen for this delicious food.

Craving it right now? We thought so!!

·         Kashmiri Chai

Time to have some cozy time with the people. Discussing politics, winter, new games, or series while sipping the most delicious chai in the world. Yes, the Kashmiri Chai. This isn’t just a drink; it is the beverage to take you through the heavens of mouthful dishes.

·         Aloo ka Paratha

If nothing else is available or you don’t know how to cook. Aloo ka paratha is like a life savior. We know ALOO is like that friend you can always count on in hard times. So, grab your purse now and start shopping for the winter food collection. You might forget about all the other embellishments of the winter, including jerseys, colorful scarves, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you are Punjabi, you don’t have to be a foodie because you are not just passionate about the food, you are crazy about it. So, you have the list now. If you are soon coming to Lahore or already settled here, you will also love to try all these dishes in the food court of Times Square Mall & Residencia (opening soon in Bahria Orchard Lahore). If you feel something is missing from it the above list, feel free to mention about it in the Comments below. Enjoy the cozy & chilling winters!!